Why Upgrade Your Electrical?


If you have a Federal Pacific breaker box – replace it immediately!

These panels were defective from the company and have been known to start house fires!

*See what this home inspector reports.*

If your home has not had an electrical upgrade in the past 20 years, you could be spending extra money on your electrical bill! Old wires can cause electrocution and fires, keep your family safe and have your old home’s electrical checked!


What is an Electrical Upgrade?

It can range from replacing wires with damaged fabric insulation to installing grounded electrical outlets to protect the electronics of today, but the most common Service Change we see is when we replace the existing breaker box, or replace an old fuse system with a new Eaton breaker system. Newer meters are also installed to facilitate the best electrical flow into your home and decrease wasted electricity.

Our $2400 special covers a new Eaton breaker box to replace an existing breaker box and an upgraded meter with inspection.

An artist from the 1930′s depicted a variety of ways a person could have electrocuted themselves with the wiring from that era. Take a look at 30 Ways to Electrocute Yourself, a collection of pictures from the book  Elektroschutz in 132 Bildern.  The fact of the matter is, wiring can become eroded by friction, critters, and time its self, an exposed wire inside of the wall can put every one in the house at risk.

At Delmark Electric, we want your service and electrical upgrades to be affordable so you can keep your family safe and not break the bank. We boast the best price in town because we have been doing “ground” up construction since 1986 and we specialize in home wiring.