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Delmark Electric is happy to provide our clients with valuable information so everyone can understand electrical topics a little better.

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  • More Than Just Denver Electricians - See why we have been serving Denver’s Electrical needs since 1986 and are still thriving.
  • All about Light Bulbs - What are the different types of light bulbs? What is the comparable lifespan and energy efficiency of incandescent bulbs vs compact fluorescent vs halogen bulbs.
  • Why upgrade your electrical? - If your home has not had an electrical upgrade in the past 20 years, you could be spending extra money on your electrical bill! Old wires can cause electrocution and fires, keep your family safe and have your old home’s electrical checked!
  • Surge Protection – Make sure your electronics are safe from out of control electricity due to lightning and other system surges. It only takes a fraction of a nano-second to fry electronics with out protection.
  • Colorado’s newest super hero… The Surge Protector!